Merdad Collection launches Highland GTC

The Merdad Highland GTC rides 40mm lower

The Merdad Collection has launched their most luxurious and powerful conversion of the ubiquitous Range Rover to date.

Built as a follow-up to their Porsche Cayenne 902 Coupe, launched in 2010, this new SUV comes in four versions, ranging from $209,000 to $485,000 depending on how extreme the starting point is.

Side-skirt running panels, twin air vents and substantial 92mm wheel arch extensions combine to emphasise the vehicle’s stance on the road, while a full carbon rear bumper, diffuser and tailpipe deflectors, and extended roof and tailgate spoilers, plus 40mm lowered ride, give a clue to the vehicle’s power. Wheels of 22 or 23? hide the car’s upgraded brakes.

Expect to see the Highland GTC gracing the car parks of Premiership football clubs in your area soon.

The Merdad Highland GTC has significant road presence