Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 is all about autonomous driving

Self-driving cars are a major idea automakers are trying to solve. Some of the production cars already part themselves and can drive on the road with very little driver input.

Big trucks are no exception and here is Mercedes-Benz with their Future Truck 2025 concept, previewing what the big trucks could look like and mainly the technology we can expect to see in the future.

The exterior has a futuristic design with flowing forms, smooth surfaces and LED lighting that disappears when parked, while illuminating in white under normal driving and changes to blue when operating in autonomous mode.

The interior has a calm and clean design offering plenty of room and comfort for longer trips.

Technical highlights include radar sensors and a camera that scans the surroundings, as well Blind Spot Assist, offering more safety when turning and changing lane.

The prototype demonstrated autonomous driving this past summer at speeds of up to 50mph in realistic traffic situations on a section of the A14 motorway in Magdeburg, Germany.

This autonomous truck as well as cars and probably buses are going to increase roadway safety, BUT it will definitely negatively impact many jobs of drivers as they will no longer be needed.

So where are all these displaced workers going to find futurte employment?