James Bond Car Exhibition – Bring Your Own

The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu is exhibiting cars from 50 years of Bond films – and is asking anyone who owns the same type of car to bring theirs along too. This is not simply an invitation to those lucky enough to own a silver Aston Martin DB5.

A huge number of different cars have been used over the years from the exotic to the everyday. The list of eligible cars runs to dozens and includes semi-classics like the Triumph Stag (Diamonds are Forever) and even a traditional rear-engined Skoda 105 (The Living Daylights apparently, although we can’t remember that one).

The full list of eligible models is available at the Beaulieu websiteand shows what an eclectic mix of cars have been in the films.

You might think that the most expensive car used was the iconic DB5, but that honour almost certainly goes to the humble Ford Mondeo in Casino Royale. How so? The 2007 Mondeo production line did not actually exist when the film was being made, so Ford hand-made a copy of the production car specifically so that Daniel Craig could use it as a taxi.

It must be the only vehicle that is a copy of a car that did not yet exist – a paradox worthy of Dr. Who. What does that count as, as it is certainly not a replica? A “preplica” perhaps?