"Impatient" overtaking driver charged with killing four people

A driver has appeared in court in Wales following the drowning of four people in a reservoir.He overtook two vehicles, and allegedly hit the leading car which was turning right into a lay-by, sending it into a reservoir. Gordon Dyche, 24, denies causing death by dangerous or careless driving.

The only survivors from the car that fell into the water were Denise Griffith and her dog. Mrs Griffith lost her husband, mother and two foster sons in the crash near Llanidloes, in April 2011.

Quoted on the BBC Mrs Griffith told the court that as she swam to the edge of the reservoir, a man said: “‘I’m really sorry. I was rushing for work.”

Simon Mills, prosecuting, said Mrs Griffith’s driving had been described by a witness as “exemplary.”

The prosecution laid the blame firmly on the defendant; “He was responsible for what happened because he took what we say was a dangerous gamble. He explained at the scene he had been rushing because he was late for work. He admitted at the scene it was his fault.”

Dyche later said that his admission of guilt had been a result of panic and shock at the scene.

The trial continues.