forthcoming 2014 BMW M4 Coupe possibilities

BMW unveiled its all-new 4 Series coupe, and digital renderings of the more powerful M4 version are starting to appear. Some of the better ones come from talented digital artist Wild Speed in a wide range of colours.

These renderings from Wild Speed are compiled from a good amount of information based on sources and educated hunches. The M4 should follow current M cars when it comes to its styling. New cues include the more aggressive front fascia, bulging hood, carbon roof and bigger wheels and brakes. At the rear are typical M style exhaust pipes, which are not seen on these renderings.

The M4 is thought to be lighter, faster and more efficient than the current M3.  Both the new M3 and M4 will be powered by new inline six cylinder multi turbo engine that produces somewhere around 395 pound-feet of torque and around 450bhp..

The M4 is basically a new M3 Coupe as the new 3 Series will only have a saloon and estate variants. Both the coupe and cabriolet will be called 4 Series.

The all-new M4 Coupe is expected to debut either in late 2013 or in early 2014.

The M3 sedan could go on sale by the middle of 2014, but the M4 coupe isn’t expected to hit the scene for another couple years.