Drink Driving or Texting While Driving Which is Worse

The West Midlands Police force started its annual drink drive campaign 30 November, it is the time of year for partying that can lead to excess.

A drink drive road policing operation broadcast by West Midlands Police started 1 December. It will be broadcast on the Roads Policing section of force’s Letters of the Law website.

Chief Inspector Kerry Blakeman, West Midlands Police stated;

“We will be carrying out spot checks 24/7 over the month long campaign and drivers can expect to be stopped at any time.
“We hope that by broadcasting part of a road policing operation live we will get people thinking about the consequences of drink driving and also on a practical level we want to give an insight into what people can expect if they are stopped as part of a drink drive operation.”

We are all aware about drink driving and other things like texting that distracts drivers attention. I thought which is really the worst? Recently in America a teen was convicted of vehicular homicide for texting while driving.

A Massachusetts teenager was sentenced this week to two years in prison and loss of his license for 15 years after being convicted of motor vehicle homicide. Aaron Deveau, 18, is the first driver in the state to face such charges. On February 20, 2011, Deveau was driving and his vehicle swerved across the center line, crashing head on into Daniel Bowley’s truck, causing life-ending injuries.

District Court Judge Stephen Abany said “the maximum sentence for motor vehicle homicide was doled out to send a message of deterrence to the state’s drivers. Deterrence really seems to come to play in this case. People really want to be safe on the highways. People need to keep their eyes on the road.”

David Teater, senior director of the transportation initiative at the National Safety Council, agreed with the ruling.

“People can violate these laws and there really isn’t much of a deterrence without examples like this. Clearly, being distracted is an extremely deadly thing that’s going on in this country and people need to understand they just can’t do it,” Teater said.
Texting while driving is a crime in 38 states, but the illegality doesn’t seem to deter many people, as watching rush-hour traffic can seem like watching bumper cars as people drift in and out of lane lines.