Denmark’s CLEVER to add 100 ABB fast charging stations

Danish electric mobility operator CLEVER will expand its charging network in Denmark and neighboring countries with 100 ABB multi-standard Terra 53 DC fast charging stations.

The chargers will be installed in Denmark and in neighboring countries through partners, including a first collaboration with Öresundskraft in Sweden.

The network will continue expanding into other countries with support of the European TEN-T funding program, an EU transportation infrastructure policy implemented in January 2014 to ensure reliable, sustainable passenger and freight transportation within the EU member states.

The expansion of CLEVER’s network follows its 2012 ABB collaboration to roll out a country-wide network of fast chargers in Denmark. In 2013, CLEVER added an additional 50 ABB DC fast chargers, bringing its total network to 100 locations, including both AC and DC chargers that support all modern electric vehicles (EV) on the Danish market.

Over the last year ABB and CLEVER worked closely together to create an optimal fast charging experience in Denmark with convenient payment systems and the highest uptime and reliability in the industry. ABB’s Terra 53 offers connectivity that allows the charging stations to be remotely monitored; an ABB Charger Care service program then provides rapid response to any service or maintenance needs.

ABB’s connected platform provides a reliable back-bone for CLEVER’s payment solutions and administrative systems, and allows the charging stations to seamlessly connect to smart electricity distribution systems or grids.