BMW’s front wheel drive variation rising

Before we even got used to the idea of a front wheel drive BMW it felt like it was already here.

A little time did pass since then but new it seems the 1 Series GT is right around the corner for production and the UK L platform it rides on gains popularity. A lot of the popularity does come from emerging markets and the simple appeal of profitability found within front wheel drive.

Moreover, the recent talk about BMW’s attempt at making twelve new models riding on the platform is starting to go over the top. Someone inside BMW has found a few more ideas they could spin-off into the front wheel drive  so that a total of 20 such models could end up existing.

There was no denying that BMW is a company which works at its best towards making money. There’s no doubt that the upcoming front wheel drive BMW units will be a joy to drive and have a premium feel about them.

Somehow, the announcement to expand a new idea so far that it would become a bread winner from a small niche market, isn’t the most desirable thing in the world.

Then again, if I remember correctly, announcing that BMW is about to make an SUV had the world sitting with its back side on fire and the X5 is doing brilliantly.