BMW X6 to continue getting bigger

“We want to give our sporting models a more individual look, further separating them visually from the more practical models in our line-up”.

This is what someone from BMW says. But how does it translate this for the next generation BMW X6?

The brand new X6 will have a longer wheelbase, making the rear seats more comfortable with some additional leg room. Based on the 3rd generation BMW X5, it will keep the overall shape, but the difference in styling will give it a more aggressive look.

This is quite a change for the not so old model, with only a few years under its belt. But BMW is set to tidy up the car line-up and differentiate each model.

With a release date estimated somewhere near the end of next year, the new BMW X6 will make its official debut at the 2014 Moscow Auto Show. Powering this monster is a nice selection of in line six cylinder engines running on either gasoline or diesel. A gasoline V8 is also expected and even the choice of a hybrid engine will probably be offered later into the production.