BMW Looks back at 2012

BMW looks back at 2012 and has released a summary of what they achieved. Keeping themselves on top of the luxury market crowds provides a pretty extensive list of achievements. It required three videos to showcase what they accomplished in 2012.

The first video, as you could already see, tends to the new vehicles that were introduced throughout the year that has just ended.

The second BMW video published also speaks of the ideas they presented. This time however it’s the concepts and the design ideas behind them.Making things somewhat more in tone with the changing of the years and such, the historic moments of the previous year.They have had two momentous celebrations in 2012, one for the BMW Z1 and one for the creation of the M division. Neither of these can be over-appreciated.

Lastly there’s a short description of all the sporting endeavors and collaborations BMW has been involved in. As they say, 2012 was an amazing year for BMW and, of course, the fans of the brand, but since they promise 2013 is going to be better there’s just nothing to complain about, but plenty anticipation of things to come.