BMW 3 Series GT

BMW has officially launched the BMW 3 Series GT (Gran Turismo), a larger model to the BMW 3 Series Sedan. BMW 3 Series GT offers impressive dynamics due to the drawn design lines by the BMW design masters.

When BMW launched the 5 Series GT, almost everyone has criticized this move. Most people criticized the design of the BMW 5 Series GT, higher rear and its design not pretty nice. But, the sports allure, luxury and elegance are present when it comes to BMW.

The new BMW 3 Series GT offers a sporty, luxurious design, very well done which looks sexy, these things all made by the specialists from BMW.

BMW 3 Series GT offers more space inside and is slightly longer than the BMW 3 Series Sedan. However, what is the point of this GT, because right now BMW has in showrooms the BMW 3 Series Touring, which is more useful and familiar than the BMW 3 Series GT.

It will be available for the BMW 328i and 335i.

  • BMW 328i BMW 3 Series GT: 2-liter turbo engine >>> 245hp
  • BMW 335i BMW 3 Series GT: 3-liter turbo engine >>>300hp

You can configure your BMW 3 Series GT in one of the three design lines: Sport Line, Modern Line and Luxury Line. These packages are available for sedan, coupe and touring.

Among the most popular options, there is the M Sport Package (Interior and Exterior M elements) and its interior package includes: an M steering wheel, M shifter, M footrest and at the exterior: M front bumper, M rear bumper, M side skirts. Also, the M Sport Package offers an electronically adjustable sports suspension and hot rims with the sizes of 18? and 19?.