Aviva promises 20% car insurance cut for driving App subscribers

The RateMyDrive App measures acceleration, braking and cornering but requires no “black box” to be fitted to the car – the standard way of measuring driving habits. It records a driver’s technique over 200 miles and then comes up with an overall score.

Steve Treloar, from Aviva, said: “Basically, the premium will be for you, not people like you.” Drivers considered safer will get discounts, but drivers not rated as being particularly safe will not see a rate increase. Mr Treloar said: “We won’t penalise other drivers if their driving doesn’t come up to the standard set by the app. They’ll just receive the standard premium but won’t get a discount.”

Drivers with premiums currently between £200 and £400 could earn discounts of up to 10% and those with premiums above £400 could earn discounts of up to 20%. Motorists with premiums below £200 would not get a discount as their claims history, type of car and driving experience suggest they are already amongst the safest drivers.

So far the app has been trialled with some Aviva staff for a number of months and now the insurer is looking to drivers who have android phones to help develop further the new app-based insurance. The app will be available to those with other types of smartphone at a later date.

Aviva is looking for 5,000 drivers with android smartphones to test the RateMyDrive app. Anyone interested in taking part should go to www.aviva.co.uk/ratemydrive. Those who complete the trial could win one of five new iPads, as well as receiving a discount on their motor insurance.