Audi building geothermal plant for factory in Gyor, Hungary

Audi building geothermal plant for factory in Gyor, Hungary

Audi is building a geothermal plant in Pér, close to the Audi Hungaria factory in Gyor. After going into operation in just over a year, it will supply the company with at least 82,000 megawatt hours of geothermal energy per year and will cover about 60% of total heat requirements.

For the project, Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. signed a long-term contract on the supply of heat energy with the Hungarian company “DDEnergy.” Through the project, Audi Hungaria will reduce its annual CO2 emissions by a further 19,800 tons.

The planned depth of the well is approximately 2,400 meters, which will require a drilling period of up to two months.

After that, it will be possible to obtain hot water with a temperature of 100 degrees C, which will be pumped into the heating system.

“Energy-efficient products and conservation of resources in production processes have top priority within Audi’s environmental protection. By focusing our attention of the use of raw materials and energy, we are moving step by step along a path to developing a CO2 neutral production plant. The mobility of the future must be CO2 neutral—and that applies not only to the use of our vehicles, but also to their production.

The drilling in Pér marks the starting point of the “Gyor Geothermal Project,” with which geothermal resources are to be utilized for the region’s entire industrial energy supply. The project includes not only the drilling required wells, but also the development of a complete geothermal heating system.