91 year old passes driving test

Figures from the Department of Transport show that a 91-year passed their driving test last year, together with four other people that were over 80 years old.

It is not clear why these drivers took the test. It could have been because of an ambition to finally get a licence, but it could also have been because they had been previously disqualified. However, they are all some way behind the all-time record holder. The former Tory minister and peer, Lord Renton passed his driving test at the age of 94.

Currently, elderly drivers are required to renew their licence every three years after their 70th birthday. However, there is no age at which drivers need to pass another test, although that situation is becoming increasingly controversial. Following some horrific incidents, like the one we reported yesterday, there have been increasing calls for tests for drivers once they reach a certain age.

While we certainly understand the logic behind those calls, the speed at which someone’s faculties can deteriorate means even a retest every few years might not always help. It does seem that families and doctors of elderly drivers have to take more responsibility for telling people when to hand back their car keys.