3 Discontinued Toyota Cars That Should Be Brought Back

18. Toyota Supra

Sometimes a car goes away because it wasn’t quite ready for the market yet, or because the market wasn’t ready for it.

Whether ahead of their time, or just plain gone before their time — these three Toyota cars deserve another shot. Take a close look and see if you agree with us!

Here is a trifecta of Toyota sports cars that went by the wayside to make room for more SUVs and trucks, and the Supra (photo above) is first on that list.

Toyota Supra

Every single version of the Supra was amazing, and continues to be a favorite in the import tuner crowd — bringing it back would be huge. The new Toyota FT is thought to be a successor to the Supra, and Toyota recently renewed the Supra trademark. There is hope.

17. Toyota Celica GT

Toyota Celica GT

Second in the legacy of gone-before-their-time Toyota sports cars, the Celica GT was one they got absolutely right.

The last generation of the Celica was sporty but accessible to most buyers. To release a new model of this classic mid-size sports legend would be massive. The lines and design could only get better with today’s computer-aided designs.

16. Toyota MR-2 Spyder

Toyota MR2 Spyder

Most of all, Toyota needs a little Spyder in their life.

The MR-2 was a mid-engine work of art, and the final version of it — the Spyder — was never given the chance it deserved. There is an acute lack of fun and affordable convertibles on the market. To give the public a new Spyder would be a gift from the auto industry, and the MR-2 needs to be that Spyder.