2014 BMW 328d coming to America

BMW has slowly and steadily increased the range of vehicle it offers on the US market. And now it’s time for the 3-Series to get a new version.

For the first time, any US citizen will be able to purchase a 4 cylinder diesel BMW: the 328d. And it will cost just around 40.000 dollars.

The BMW 328d uses a 4 cylinder 2.0 liter diesel engine fitted with a couple of turbochargers and direct injection. It will develop 180hp and 393Nm of torque. That is good enough to get you up to 92km/h in about 9 seconds.

As this will be sold in America, BMW decided it would be a waste of time to offer the optional manual gear box, so everyone gets the 8 speed automatic.

BMW said that on a highway environment, you will be able to burn 6.3 liter each 100km. It will even accept biodiesel mix up to B5. As for the city or combined fuel consumption, BMW was reluctant to offer any numbers, so your best bet would be to compare it to the European version.