Toyota Mirai FCV, 1,400 units already ordered

Toyota Mirai FCV, 1,400 units already ordered

The Nikkei reports that Toyota will further boost its production capacity for the Mirai fuel cell vehicle to 3,000 units by 2017, based on demand in Japan and the company’s plans to introduce Mirai into other markets. In December 2014, the Nikkei reported that Toyota would invest some $165 million to triple capacity; the new report envisions a quadrupling of the original plan.

Toyota had originally set production capacity at 700 units. Toyota makes fuel cell stacks and hydrogen tanks at its headquarters plant in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, and assembles the vehicle at a nearby factory.

In response to brisk pre-orders, the company decided ahead of the Dec. 15 release of the vehicle to raise the annual capacity to 2,100 units at the end of this year by investing about 20 billion yen ($168 million). Now, it will raise the volume further, to 3,000 in 2017 by spending several dozen billion yen on the two facilities.

The Nikkei reports that demand for the Mirai has been strong from municipalities, businesses and affluent consumers, with orders in Japan topping 1,400 units.

With an eye to meeting California ZEV regulations, Toyota plans to sell at least 3,000 Mirai vehicles in the US by the end of 2017.