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top score in China satisfaction survey; tie between Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Citroen

China satisfaction survey; tie between Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Citroen

Beijing Hyundai and Dongfeng Citroen topped mass-market brands in J.D. Power’s latest annual survey of Chinese consumers’ satisfaction with the car-buying experience.

The two joint ventures each scored 772 out of a possible 1,000, significantly higher than other mass-market brands, which averaged 671 points, J.D. Power said.

Audi was the top luxury brand with a score of 793.

The survey is based on responses from 15,388 owners who purchased a new vehicle during an eight-month period ending in February. J.D. Power conducted the survey in 51 major cities.

Beijing Hyundai is a joint venture between Beijing Automotive Industry Corp. and Hyundai while Dongfeng Citroen is a partnership between Dongfeng Motor and PSA/Peugeot-Citroen.

Dongfeng Nissan, Nissan’s joint venture with Dongfeng, ranked third among mass market brands.

Among the 13 volume brands that scored above average, two are Chinese brands: Chery and FAW Car (see table). Among major brands, Chevrolet, Toyota and Buick scored below the industry average.

According to J.D. Power, both mass-market and luxury brands have improved their sales processes. The industry’s combined sales satisfaction score among luxury and mass-market brands this year is 674 points, up from 649 last year.

One reason for the improvement, J.D. Power said, is the use of tablets and smart phones among sales people to communicate with customers about vehicle features.

“Providing shoppers with sales information on a single platform that allows them to easily browse options and features creates an opportunity to improve the overall sales experience,” said Mei Songlin, vice president and managing director of J.D. Power Asia Pacific.

2014 Sales Satisfaction Index, mass-market brands:

  • Beijing Hyundai: 772
  • Dongfeng Citroen: 772
  • Dongfeng Nissan: 765
  • Dongfeng Yueda Kia: 746
  • Shanghai VW: 746
  • Changan Ford: 738
  • Dongfeng Peugeot: 737
  • FAW-Mazda: 721
  • Chery: 692
  • Guangqi Honda: 690
  • Skoda: 683
  • FAW Car: 677
  • FAW-VW: 673

Average: 671