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Snow Socks a good idea?

Snow Sock With the experts saying this winter is going to be as bad if not worse than last year its time to start planning for the Snow!
The ideal solution is to have a set of wheels with winter tyres ready to pop on to the car as soon as the weather turns, but you know as well as I do you need deep pockets for that option, it is a luxury most of us cannot afford.

So what do you do? The snows falling and your stuck!

Well a good and much cheaper alternative are Snow Socks. Quite simply you fit them to the drive wheels of your car, takes a few minutes, and your away.
They do have limitations though compared to winter tyres, you cannot exceed 20mph , but in snow do you want to anyway? Also as soon as the snow is gone or you hit a road that’s snow free you must remove them. Having said that when you compare an average Snow Sock price at around £65 and compare to a set of winter tyres at an average of £400-500 its worth the effort.
I can verify they work well after using them last year got me out of a sticky situation.