Shanghai OnStar introduces new telematics services

Shanghai OnStar introduces new telematics services

Shanghai OnStar is showing its upcoming 4G LTE service, introducing several new telematics services and announcing the opening of its third call center to support the rising demand for its services. Its new call center in Chongqing, which opened earlier this month, joined its call centers in Shanghai and Xiamen.

OnStar 4G LTE Service. Shanghai GM will begin offering OnStar 4G LTE service in a Cadillac model in 2015. The service will provide improved security as well as reliable high-speed information transmission. The service will support Wi-Fi connectivity for multiple devices with mobile data speeds up to 10 times faster than today’s speeds.

Users will be able to connect to mobile devices while up to 15 meters away from their vehicles.

Security Zone and Vehicle Maintenance Tips Mobile App Services. Shanghai OnStar is introducing two new mobile app services—Security Zone and Vehicle Maintenance Tips—to further improve security and communication among OnStar platforms. Security Zone allows customers to set up a security area around their vehicle via the OnStar mobile app. If their vehicle leaves the area, owners will immediately receive an SMS alert.

Vehicle Maintenance Tips constantly monitors vehicles. A notice will be sent to owners via the mobile app when maintenance is recommended. Customers can then use the app to make an appointment at a nearby dealer for service.

Weather Check and Reservation Services. Two additional services based on cloud computing technology—Weather Check and Reservation—are being introduced by Shanghai OnStar in Guangzhou. The Weather Check service provides customers up-to-date weather information for their current location and destination. The Reservation service allows customers to book hotel and airplane tickets while driving. They can also make appointments with dealers for maintenance.