Sendyne awarded patent for novel battery pack architecture

Sendyne has been awarded a patent for a battery pack architecture that enables a constant voltage battery pack, enabling the implementation of smaller, more efficient, safe and cost-effective battery packs.

Performing true active cell balancing during all stages of operation of a large battery pack extends the life of cells and maximizes the energy delivered during each cycle. However, even taking into account the cost savings accrued through the reduction in pack overdesign afforded by the use of active balancing, many active balancing strategies are prohibitively expensive for most applications.

The Sendyne Constant Voltage Battery Pack Architecture (CVBPA) integrates active balancing; a 93% peak efficiency DC/DC converter; and charging functionality into a single circuit while providing a fixed constant-voltage output to the load.

The active balancer in the CVBPA manages how much power it draws from each individual cell and is capable of charging specific cells even while the rest of the battery pack is discharging.

This novel system was prototyped at the Laboratory for Power Management and Integrated Switch-mode Power Supplies at the University of Toronto, under the guidance of Prof. Aleks Prodic. A US patent was issued, adding to Sendyne’s portfolio of patents on cell balancing. Sendyne will make the technology available for licensing to interested parties.