Santa Pod Retro Show: Win a Ford Anglia 100E

For its 7th year Retro Show on 7th July 2013, Santa Pod Raceway is giving away an extremely tidy Ford Anglia 100E, restored, fueled, and ready to take home.

After last year’s giveaway of a mint Austin Metro proved so popular, Santa Pod has sourced a very tidy Anglia 100E, in all of its MOT and tax-exempt glory, to give away at the end of the show to a random ticket holder. Although the car is already nicely restored, it’s going to be given a few extra little tweaks and restoration touches over the winter and the weekend of the show.The competition will be free to enter for all ticket holders, and requires a prize form being filled in – so make sure you get involved on the day.

Rather than just having rows upon rows of lovingly cherished classics -at the Santa Pod Retro Show we also race them. This is one show where tuning and modifying is admired alongside originality.

If you’re the kind of enthusiast who prefer cars from a bygone era when carbs ruled the roost and a radio was considered a luxurious option, then you’ll love this show. Classics from both sides of the Atlantic are most welcome, as are motorbikes, scooters and even the current crop of ‘neo-retro’ incarnations like the BMW MINI, VW Beetle and FIAT 500. This year also brings a new retro Truck and Tractor display into the proceeding, so if you’re more Massey than Maserati, or prefer ERFs to ERAs, then this is the place for you.

With Run What Ya Brung running all day on the strip, owners will get the chance to flex their right feet in complete safety – and who knows? – maybe settle a bet at the same time. There’s a diverse range of classes to allow everybody to shine somewhere! For those who prefer to watch, the Pros will be running demos too, so bring your earplugs. You may also want to leave the earplugs in for FireForce, the 10,000bhp Jet-Powered Funny Car, which will shock and amaze in equal measure, as it hits 270 mph… in a shade over 6 seconds.

Adding to the carnage will be Podzilla; 1500 BHP of car-crushing monster truck madness.

The new FWD Drag series will be battling it out on the strip, the retro drifters will be proving that sideways had always been a way of life and the mobile dyno will allow you to see whether your old stager has got what it takes to cut it against its peers. If the strip hasn’t sated your racing urges, why not try the Autotest, where you can drive your own car against the clock on a tight handling course – or wander over to enjoy the packed Autoglym Show and Shine.

With the main show day costing just £12 in advance, there’s so much to do and see and so many ways to enjoy your car’s performance – or lack of, The Retro Show is a classic-calendar essential.

Don’t miss it!

For full details on the event and competition please visit