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Saleen’s Upgraded Tesla Model S Is Faster, Louder, Prettier And Grittier

This isn’t your green father’s Tesla.

Legendary tuner Saleen Automotive managed to take the cleanest car on the road and make it the meanest with its newly unveiled Saleen FourSixteen — a Model S that can dash to 60 m.p.h. in just over four seconds with more style than ever.

The FourSixteen features about $80,000-worth of improvements including a more aerodynamic and track-friendly chassis, larger wheels, upgraded brakes, a new sway bar, enhanced cooling and software modifications for better cornering, response and general drivability.

A new gear ratio takes the Model S’ stock 416 horsepower and improves its acceleration, with the added bonus of a little growl typically absent from electric cars.

Saleen has also applied its high-efficiency drivetrain cooling system, comprising a larger volume radiator, upsampled cooling fans, and a high-flow water pump to help maintain consistent temperatures in more stressful performance applications.

Electric drivetrains are unique in that they can generate an incredible amount of torque at zero RPM. Our challenge was really to find methods to manage the energy that is generated by the electric motor and rotor assembly. With the FOURSIXTEEN we have successfully found a comprehensive solution to increase performance and harness power in an efficient manner.

The Saleen-specific S4 track-calibrated suspension includes a monotube coilover, which works in conjunction with an S4 sway bar setup to increase cornering agility without sacrificing ride quality. The FOURSIXTEEN suspension system can also be ordered in a fully adjustable configuration, allowing the driver easily to increase stiffness for a day at the track and revert to a more street-oriented setting with simple adjustments.

The rear fascia design finalizes the aerodynamic system as air moves across the cabin and onto the Saleen designed high-downforce decklid mounted spoiler.

Mid-chassis air is directed across the carbon fiber accents stretching between the taillights. Supplying rear wake diffusion is a Saleen diffuser design that boosts aerodynamic downforce capability.

Front and rear bucket seats round out the interior replacements and sum up the car’s $152,000 price tag, which also includes the cost of the base $70,000 Model S P85.

While unveiling the car at the at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California over the weekend, founder Steve Saleen said electric cars like Tesla are the future of transportation — an inevitable trend and far from a passing fad.

Saleen is now taking orders for the FourSixteen, which takes 6-8 weeks for delivery.