Maserati offers to run your life

Well, not quite, but Maserati has taken the growing “lifestyle” range of activities to another level. As well as offering the now-familiar driving courses taking place at an Italian racing circuit. Maserati is offering holidays built around the courses. The package includes a day at the circuit and a road test in the Tuscan countryside, combined with a sightseeing tour of Florence and a visit to Italian artisans’ boutiques.

The company describes the programme as being for “aficionados” rather than “owners”. It would be a bit cruel to suggest that what they mean is “wannabees” – presumably they hope to tempt the odd Jaguar XK8 or BMW 6 Series owner to give Maserati a whirl.

The price for the “Master Italian Lifestyle Experience” on 29th and 30th May near Parma is approximately £4,000, with a price of £3,000 for a companion. For those who want to spent two days on the circuit and skip the lifestyle, the prices are approximately £700 lower.

Alternatively, there is a one day course dedicated to improving circuit driving techniques including telemetry and exercises to control oversteer, costing approximately £1,800 including accommodation. For the dedicated (and well-heeled) driver, that looks almost good value in comparison.