M6 motorway to get Dunlop Motorsport bridge

Dunlop bridge
A 20-metre-high and 50-metre-wide bridge will tower over the M6 in Birmingham as tyre company Dunlop Motorsport plans to pay homage to its original factory, making rubber since 1916. Set to cost £5 million, the Dunlop Centenary Bridge is due to be completed by 2016, and will replicate the famous bridges seen on display by the manufacturer at racing circuits such as the Cirque de la Sarthe and Bathurst.

The completion of the bridge will coincide with the firm’s centenary at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham, the original tyre factory and main office of Dunlop.James Bailey, Director of Motorsport Marketing & Communications of Dunlop Motorsport, said: “The Dunlop Motorsport Centenary Bridge will pay homage to the great work we’ve done for Birmingham and UK business, developing new technologies, building partnerships and exporting tyres to high profile championships across the world.

“Now UK drivers can join some of the greats of motor sport driving under our bridge on the M6 every day.”

Cirque de la Sarthe

Pictured: The Dunlop Bridge at Le Mans