Kids would rather drive a tractor than the Batmobile

A survey by Lego has revealed that more kids dream of driving a tractor, a train or a 4×4 than a supercar…or the Batmobile. The poll of 1,300 kids aged three to ten years old, on Legoland’s Facebook page, showed that 28% wanted to drive a tractor or a train more than anything else, while just 6% chose a supercar – the same percentage that chose the Batmobile.According to these results, being a bus driver is almost twice as cool as being Batman, with 11% saying they’d most like to drive a double decker.

On the topic of their favourite cars, far more of the kids chose Lightning McQueen – that’s the central character in the Disney Pixar movie Cars – than chose a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or a Kia.

Most kids said that they became aware of cars and driving through video games, and that they think the legal driving age should be reduced.

So what was the point in the survey? Why, there’s a new attraction at Manchester’s Legoland, of course.

The Trafford Centre hosts the Legoland Discovery Centre. On Saturday (24 March) it opens its City Forest Pursuit driving adventure ride, which allows kids to pilot their own mini electric 4×4.

That sounds like fun, but if you do have any kids in the 3-10 age bracket, maybe show them the two pictures below, then ask where they’d rather be…