Hyundai builds a flying car

Hyundai builds a flying car

Hyundai has built a flying car…sort of.

Basically an oversized remote controlled quadrocopter with four groups of four electrically-driven propellers — so, a sedecopter?—the single passenger vehicle can hover above old-fashioned cars, or apparently drive on four omni-directional pairs of wheels.

It seems like a great solution to the traffic problem in your crowded city, as long as you’re the only person in town that owns one.

Don’t go looking for it above your local Hyundai dealer anytime soon, however. It was one of a variety of futuristic concepts designed by the company’s engineers for its annual IDEA festival last year. Others included an egg-shaped personal transportation pod and a number of fold-up motorized contraptions.

Hyundai builds a flying car2