Honda motorcycle production reaches 300-million cumulative globally

Dream_Type-D 2015_Model_GoldWingABS_CandyRedBlack
1949 Dream D. The 300 millionth motorcycle: 2015 Gold Wing 40.

Honda Motor’s cumulative worldwide motorcycle production reached the 300 million-unit milestone in September 2014.

A Gold Wing 40th Anniversary Edition produced at Kumamoto Factory, Honda’s primary motorcycle production plant in Japan, became the 300 millionth motorcycle that Honda produced globally.

The 300 million-unit milestone was reached in the 66th year since Honda began motorcycle production in 1949 with the Dream Type D.

Honda’s motorcycle business began with the start of mass-production in Japan in 1949. Production outside of Japan began in Belgium in 1963, and since then Honda has been expanding its local production to many countries around the world.

Honda is currently producing motorcycles at 33 plants in 22 countries.