Cheltenham Grand Prix for 2015?

To be accurate, it is not going to be a Formula One race, but Cheltenham is planning to be the first British city in recent times to stage a street race in 2015.

It will require a change in the law to allow street racing, and the intention is for it to be the first low-carbon race. In the meantime, Cheltenham will be hosting the Sustainable MotoExpo 2012, on 8th and 9th September, which will feature a fleet of cutting-edge low carbon vehicles.

There will also be a strong emphasis on education and technology. In the Education Zone at the Town Hall, master classes led by students and staff at Oxford Brookes University will show how design ideas become efficient engineering solutions, while members of the Energy and Power Group at the University of Oxford will showcase their super-sleek electric vehicle PEGGIE. Teams of local schoolchildren will go head-to-head to debate the future of transport.

Meanwhile Cheltenham’s Inner Promenade will be turned into a futuristic car showroom as a range of low-carbon vehicles go on display in The Paddock.

The Sustainable Motor Expo is being sponsored by Qualcomm, which is pioneering the use of wireless charging for electric vehicles. As we reported yesterday, this is not just a pipe-dream: Nissan is actively working on the technology for its 2014 Infiniti LE. Not having to plug in an electric car to recharge it would be a major advance in terms of convenience.

Dr. Anthony Thomson, VP of Business Development and Marketing, Qualcomm, said “Qualcomm Halo technology brings simplicity to the electric car, offering effortless re-fuelling and improving the driver experience. We look forward to demonstrating the benefits of wireless charging to those attending the moto expo.”