Car Diagnostic Scanner Review

2X80S OBD2 Scan ToolTypically when someone is looking for an OBD2 Scan Tool, the ‘Check Engine Light’ is on and they simply want to find out what is wrong and turn it off. The need brings up things like cost, reliability, and handheld or the usb to laptop unit? Through research they think that all scanners are the same. It is true that the handheld types are very similar as most are made for an American company, SPX Industries. However the USB type that connects to your laptop as are almost as varied in capability as there are people.

The variety of USB obd2 scanners at different prices is rather large. A very basic one can be had for £16. However, the more reliable and better engineered ones are more typically £30 to £100.

Let’s get some preconceived notions out of the way, the obd2 scan tools simply obtain the data from the motors computer and present it to you in a readable form. Knowing whether the data is correct requires understanding what the data should be. So if you have ever considered an obd2 scan tool, you should consider buying one before you need it. This way you can take a full set of data readings from your motor whilst it is running good and store them in a file for later comparison.

In this review we will look at what is known as the 2X80S obd2 scan tool and what it can do for you.

The 2x80S OBD2 Scan Tool is easy to install on your laptop. And when that laptop dies, simply move the tool to your new laptop.

Includes many free software programs, so you can choose the one that fits your style of diagnostics.
Connects quickly to the motor and automatically selects the correct protocol on any obd2 compliant motor from 1996 to present without operator input.

Allows you to see what is truly wrong by connecting at better speeds to the motors than other similar brands. This eliminates replacing good parts.

Presents correct data and stops data corruption caused by many inferior pc based obd2 scan tools and many factor scan tools through better design.

As you can see this is one of the better engineered obd2 scan tools available. To check the current price of the 2x80S OBD2 Scan Tool just click the link.

You can add in a professional quality scan tool software package and this will provide pre and post repair reports to prove that you repaired it correctly the first time.

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