Buy one car, get one free

Fans of Renault in Spain won’t believe their luck: Laguna and Espace buyers in the country can now get an electric Twizy thrown in for free.

It’s no secret that Renault have been struggling, and add in a cash-strapped Euro country and you’ll find a very bad market for car sales.

So here’s Renault’s solution. Buy any of its big models, and you get its electric Twizy as well.

The deal applies to the slow-selling Laguna and Espace MPV both of which were axed from the UK model line-up in February this year in an effort to cut costs and boost company profits, reported Auto Express.

The offer equates to a 6,990 Euro (£5,475) discount and suggests that dealers are having problems shifting the four-wheeled electric scooter.

Unfortunately, Renault says the promotion won’t be coming to the UK – meaning sightings of the road tax-exempt Twizy will continue to be few and far between on British roads.

Earlier this year, Renault also confirmed that it is actively considering bringing a lower powered version, (5 bhp/28 mph) to the UK from January 2013. The Twizy 45 (from its 45 km/h top speed) was not originally planned for the UK, but, recent confirmation that a new category of European licence – AM – for 16 year olds and over will apply in the UK, means it is worth considering.