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Brabus-tuned Smart car in development

The new Smart ForTwo and Smart ForFour are due to go on sale in 2015.
The German tuning company is hard at work on a faster, beefier version of the all-new Smart ForTwo city car and it could hit the streets in early 2015.

And when it does expect it to have over 110bhp driving the rear wheels via a proper manual gearbox rather than the terrible semi-automatic affair that blighted earlier models.

A Mercedes-Benz tuning partner since the 1970s, Brabus has been the go-to company for spicing up the Smart’s performance and looks for over a decade.

The first Brabus co-developed Smart rolled out back in 2002, but this will be the first time the company will be able to work its magic without having to work around Smart’s standard transmission.

As well as a five-speed manual, the Brabus-tuned Smart is also expected to be offered with the seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission currently found in the Mercedes A Class.

Also expect the finished car to have a restyled body kit, better wheels and an upgraded interior.

All of which is good news for anyone will soon be in the market for a small city car with a blend of power and practicality.

As well as the Brabus-tuned Smart, Renault is also prepping a RenaultSport version of its own diminutive rear-wheel-drive city car, the Twingo, in time for a launch next year. 2015 is when the first tuned versions of the new Mini are also expected to make an appearance.