BMW X6 xDrive commercial – video

The vehicle chosen to showcase the xDrive all wheel drive system BMW offers, certainly seems to strike a beat with the customers. The video commercial demonstrates how clever the xDrive is when it comes to rough conditions.

The BMW X6 SAV of course has gone to a winter resort. Due to some snow-ins, the roads are inaccessible. Of course as luck would have it, the Snowcat responsible with cleaning it up has some trouble running.However that doesn’t seem to be a problem when there’s a clever four wheel drive system underneath you, such as the xDrive all wheel drive system BMW offers, which can manage which wheels get the traction how and why.

It’s obvious that there’s a lot going on here that’s not strictly accurate and involves a lot of ‘creative license’. The fact that the slope appears to have been exaggerated thanks to some extremely capable camera work.

Plus Snowcats tend to be very heavy and well beyond the towing capacity of an X6 even under normal conditions.