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BMW to share Battery Tech Secrets

BMW Gives Away Battery Tech Secrets

After Tesla, the North American based automaker has recently shared its patents, it is now the BMW`s turn to reveal its “battery technology secrets.”

The BMW German based automaker is now ready to increase its battery cells sales on the South Korean market as well, aiming to find new partners just like the partnership the company has with Samsung SDI.

The purchasing chief at BMW Klaus Draeger, stated that the company is planning to share the battery technology that is presently building for its cars with Samsung SDI, to reduce the cost of the battery cells, which are the heart of the plug-in hybrids or full-electric cars.

“If Mercedes called us, we would be happy to find a way with Samsung SDI to supply them with battery cells,” Draeger concluded.

The BMW automaker and Samsung SDI, which is now a whole part of the company, first started their cooperation in 2009, trying to further develop the Lithium-ion battery cells.

Samsung SDI is very important for BMW, as the company also supply the battery cells to Chrysler and Ferrari in the US.