BMW Recall Bigger than previously reported – another 17500 in Australia

The BMW wide-ranging recall we previously reported was slightly more than 600,000 vehicles, unfortunately for BMW the problem keeps growing as the numbers get tallied in other countries.

There is an additional 17,500 cars in Australia – ranging from the 1-Seies to the Z4 sports car. And BMW has hinted of problems elsewhere which neither of these were included in the original figures.

This follows another Australian recall for a brake defect.

BMW says this recall is for the connector for the positive battery cable connector and the corresponding terminal on the fuse box, which on the affected vehicles may degrade over time due to high current flow and heat from electrical resistance. Should this occur, there could be a loss of electrical power to the vehicle, causing it to stall and possibly crash.

A simple math calculation  of this recall using £300 per car times the 620,000 cars currently known means this single recall could cost a little over £18 million.

It is unknown how or if an expenditure of this size will effect BMWs plans, and new models. Not to mention how it will effect their image and sales as well as possible litigation.

BMW spokesman Scott Croaker says there has been one field report of the problem in an Australian vehicle, and another in Canada.

“Vibrations in the car can cause poor connection and electrical issues as a result,”  Croaker says. “In the main, those problems would be flickering lights or the vehicle failing to restart after it’s stopped. But in absolute extreme cases, it could lead to the car stalling while driving.”

“Given the nature of it, it’s an important thing to take very seriously – we can’t rule out that these are isolated cases so we’ve taken this action. We’re not trying to sweep anything under the rug. We take the responsibility very seriously.”