BMW M135i on the Nurburgring – video

The man behind the wheel himself admits that the lap was not the most tidy ever, but even in such conditions the lap time was respectable. Enjoy the video!

Considering it was on a day where the track was open and there was some traffic out there, that’s pretty good. Further increasing the amazement is the fact that the track was damp.

Still, the M135i managed to get round in only eight minutes and five seconds. That’s the same time as the BMW M3. As if the competition weren’t stressed out enough, that time is a mere second behind aggressive cars like the Audi R8’s V8 version and the Porsche Cayman S.

The latter has already been replaced but it wasn’t tested, so the previous time stands. Even if the new version of these cars beat it, it is a none the less a hatchback.

Provided the driver is not a professional racing driver and that the conditions were less than ideal, the fact that this small hatchback managed this time demands a lot of respect.