BMW gave “The Promise” to China

It seems that these days every other news has something to do with China. And not one to be left out of the loop, BMW went deep in their pockets and decided to invest big in China.

In tandem with their associates from Brilliance, BMW plans to create a new sub-branch called Zhi Nuo, or “The Promise” in English.

What does this mean for the German automaker? Well, apart from a huge investment on their part, they will be able to sell cheap cars made in China under the Zhi Nuo brand. These cars will be based upon the BMW 3-Series and X1.

Apart from selling the “promised” vehicles world-wide, BMW and Zhi Nuo plans to grow even more, with a future expansion of the new brand beyond the Chinese borders.

With a huge company like BMW backing them and providing many logistic resources, this seems quite possible. And if you are a small country looking for more jobs and outside investment, this could turn into a good opportunity in a few years.