2X80S Scanner Review Follow Up

Normally when you purchase something like a new mobile phone, you get the phone, a charger for the battery, a user guide and a SIM card. At this point, the transaction is complete and you probably will never hear from the company again unless you have a problem or they want to sell you something else.

You might think this is true of all companies, but you would be terribly wrong!

Remember the car diagnostic scanner I reviewed?

It had all the necessary items in the package you would expect like the latest drivers for the scanner, an easy to use installation guide and free scan tool software they recommend after thoroughly testing.

I thought the transaction was complete!

However, I received an email from the company where I purchased the car diagnostic scanner. It seems the people there have just released a new book titled “OBD2 Baseline Procedures Guide”. This guide sells on their site for $24.95 USD.

This guidebook written by professional diagnostic mechanics includes their best practices on fixing a motor. It helps people establish a routine for understanding their motors and getting better use of their scanners.

This company is different! In the email was a download link to get their “OBD2 Baseline Procedures Guide” for free. They provided this free to everyone who previously purchased the scanner.

You might think that something given away like this has little value, but you would be wrong. I even learnt a few things whilst reading it. In addition, the two page “fill in the blanks” printable report can come in handy.

It seems there are some companies that care for the customer after the sale as much as before the sale. They state they will have an “OBD2 Diagnostics Procedures Guide” with case studies out in the future. Whether this next guide will be included in the original purchase, we will have to wait and see.