10th birthday bash for Avantime French flop

A birthday party is being held at Coventry Motor Museum for the failed Avantime executive coupé, one of tthe biggest flops in car company history. How strange.
A sales disaster that only lasted two years in production before being dropped, the Avantime was introduced in 2001 and was unlike anything else. (It went on sale in 2002 in the UK, hence the birthday.)

The name suggested the car was ahead of its time (avant meaning ahead in French), though it was evidently so far ahead of its time that we’re yet to catch up, a decade later.

Renault sold less than 9,000 of them worldwide, but today the Avantime’s combination of rarity, idiosyncrasy, and general air of being a historical motoring buffoon make it quite sought after today. Some people call it the Philips CD-i of the car industry.

But not the people heading to Coventry for the awesome party on April 7 – they don’t think that.

We don’t know how many people will trek there there in their Avantimes, but more than a handful will make a pretty awesome sight; if it’s not clear, we actually love the Avantime.

Organised by the Avantime Owners Club, with Renault’s blessing (and possibly backing), those who pre-register for the get-together will get a hardback book documenting Avantime designer Patrick Le Quement’s work.